Lets Talk About Referrals


Referrals can be made by individuals or by professionals such as GPs, Social work and support organisations. You can obtain a referral form by calling our main office in Nelson Street on the number above or via email by pressing the contact us section on this website. Once you access the referral document please complete all the sections and return to us at admin@mindmosaic.co.uk or hand in directly into the office. 

Once we receive your referral we will telephone you to arrange a Client Assessment this can be completed by phone or face to face at our offices at Nelson Street. The purpose of the client assessment is to gather some basic information to explore if you meet the criteria of our services and which thread of the service would best meet your needs. All client assessments are completed by trained counsellors, this process will take 20 minutes and all information received will be stored on our secure management system assuring confidentiality. This assessment process also allows time for you can ask any questions about counselling.



After assessment, clients who meet the criteria for services are added to our waiting list. Waiting times vary on average around 10-12 weeks. You may choose to Fast Track into counselling which is charged at a per session basis.

Waiting List

When an appointment becomes available we will contact you to check if the day/time is suitable. Your counsellor allocated and day of appointments usually remain the same through the duration. Sessions are contracted and reviewed throughout. 

Initial Therapy Session

Policy for Cancellations and Non-Attendances:

  • Please cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance, or if the office is closed leave a message on our answerphone. 

  • A cancellation of less than 24 hours, or non-attendance is included in your number of allocated sessions. 

  • Non-attendance or ‘missing your appointment’, without contacting Mind Mosaic as above, will be recorded as a DNA (did not attend). 

  • Two DNA’s or three cancellations at any time in your period of counselling, may be taken as an indication that counselling may not be appropriate for you at the present time, and your counselling sessions may be terminated early. 

  • You may re-refer yourself for counselling again at a future date, when you will be required to undergo a further assessment before being placed on the counselling waiting list again. 

  • If you do not attend your first appointment you won’t be offered another one at that time, but may re-refer at a later date if required. 

  • Very occasionally your counsellor may need to cancel an appointment.  If a counsellor cancels an appointment: Your appointment will be re-scheduled and not counted as a missed appointment. 

Therapy will not stop suddenly, you will have contracted with your therapist at your initial assessment the amount of sessions required. Sessions numbers can be reviewed if necessary during therapy. In the last session paperwork will be completed with your therapist and you will be required to complete an evaluation form.

Ending Therapy

Contacting You (Privacy)

​Your privacy and confidentially is of paramount importance to us. You will be asked at assessment what your preferred method of contact would be i.e. phone, text or via email. You will be contacted by your chosen method once a therapist becomes available. Your information will be stored in a secure management system which meets the new GDPR regulations. More detailed information on GDPR is printed on the back of your referral form.