Feedback from clients over the past few months;

"I have really enjoyed my sessions & felt I gained so much from them, finding more of myself & trusting myself. I enjoyed working with my counsellor as I felt we had a nice bond. Thank you so much."

"I felt equipped to deal with the majority of challenges life will throw at me. I learned to not be ashamed of my past and to trust people and talk about my feelings. I know ignoring my feelings only leads to bad things."

"Can cope better in everyday life"

"Thank you so much to my counsellor and to MindMosaic. This counselling has helped me keep my job, which is important to me. Also it has helped me feel safer, that if I focus on my feelings I wont be completely overwhelmed by them. It was unnerving but very special to have someone help me pay attention to myself constructively. Thank you very much."

"I have felt it helpful to be able to open up and talk to someone about my worries and things that have upset me. Talking about things has helped me see the problems from a better perspective."

Feedback from Groups over the past few months;

"Enjoyable, peaceful,,,,bit of me time,,,,conversation with adults when I am usually alone" - Male Resource Group

"Very nice,,,Very lovely to be part of something" - Male Resource Group

"Thank you for coming to visit us last Friday. We all thought it was interesting and helpful information." - Stress & Anxiety Group