Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've handed in a referral form, what happens next? 

A: Once we receive a referral form we will call you and arrange a telephone or face-to-face assessment. This assessment is to help establish whether the services we offer are suitable for you and give you the opportunity to ask questions.


Q: Can anyone receive counselling at MindMosaic? 

A: Any person over the age of 16yrs may refer themselves for counselling at MindMosaic, children and young people under 18yrs may also be referred to MindMosaic Children's Services. 


Q: How much does counselling cost? 

A: We are a donation based service and ask all clients for a donation towards the services we provide. Our suggested donation is £5-£25 per session.  


Q How long is your waiting list? 

A: Our waiting list varies, and the waiting time can be anything from 6 to 12 weeks.  


Q: I don't want to wait for counselling, I need to see someone right away? 

A: We are not a crisis service and would suggest if you felt you needed to see someone in an emergency, that you contact your GP who can put you in touch with the local Mental Health Crisis Team. If it is not an emergency however you still wish to be seen right away we do offer a Fast Track service, this service is similar to arranging a private counsellor. This means you will be seen within 7-10 days and sessions are normally weekly or fortnightly.

Q: Can I be seen privately at MindMosaic?

We do offer a Fast Track option for individuals who wish to pay for counselling. First appointment using Fast Track option is usually within 7-10 days. Please contact us for current pricing.

Q: How many sessions of counselling will I be offered? 

A: Once a client has been appointed to a counsellor, we initially offer up to 8 sessions of counselling, before review, this will be agreed and reviewed with your counsellor. 


Q: I work and am only free in the evenings, do you have evening appointments? 

A: Our opening hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-5pm, Tuesday 9-7pm and Fridays 9-2pm. Waiting times for Tuesday evening appointments tend to be longer because of limited availability. 


Q: I am a counsellor looking for supervision, do you offer this service? 

A: Yes we offer supervision to qualified and student counsellors, please call 01475 892208 or email for information. 


Q: I am a student counsellor looking for a placement, do you offer placements to students?  

A: Yes, if you are studying on a post-graduate counselling course, please call 01475 892208 or email for information and availability 


Q: I had counselling at your service last year, can I come back? 

A: Yes, we accept referral from previous clients 6 months from their last counselling session. This allows us to keep up with high demand in our service.


Q: I had counselling at your service last year and I would like to make a complaint, how do I do that? 

A: We have a complaints procedure on our website, please click here for further information. 


Q: What type of counselling do you offer? 

A: We offer face-to-face counselling by therapists who are trained in a variety of counselling and therapeutic modalities such as: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Person-centred Approach; Psychodynamic Therapy; Integrative Therapy; Trauma Therapy. 


Q: How do I join a Mindfulness group? 

A: Mindfulness groups run in blocks of 6 throughout the year. Please call 01475 892208 or email for information. 


Q: Are you offices accessible? 

A: Yes, our offices and training room are accessible, however we do not have an accessible toilet. If this is an issue for you please call us to discuss options.

Q: Do you accept Gift Aid? 

A: Yes, at MindMosaic we operate a Gift Aid Scheme. Gift Aid is a simple way for MindMosaic to increase the value on donations of money we receive.

If you are a UK taxpayer we will ask you to fill in a form allowing us to reclaim tax on every contribution you make to MindMosaic.

We accept Gift Aid for all donations. Please click here for more information and to download a Gift Aid form.