Gift Aid

At MindMosaic we operate a Gift Aid Scheme. Gift Aid is a simple way for MindMosaic to increase the value on donations of money we receive.

If you are a UK taxpayer we will ask you to fill in a form allowing us to reclaim tax on every contribution you make to Mind Mosaic.


At the moment this is 25% meaning if you give us a donation of £20 we can claim another £5 from the taxman. This significantly boosts the value of your donation.


We need permission from you to reclaim this tax. So if you are a UK taxpayer and are making a donation to MindMosaic please ask us for a Gift Aid form to complete if you have not already completed one. This makes a huge difference to our income.

You can also donate to MindMosaic by debit/Credit card via SumUp.

Click here to download our gift aid form