We currently offer an introductory 6 week course, a level 2 Mindfulness course and we hope to offer a mindfulness course for our Mums and Dads. Contact us to enquire about this or about any other mindfulness courses which we may offer.


Mindfulness is the practice of focusing the spotlight of our attention on the present moment, by staying in the here and now we can avoid the difficulties of the past or the worries about the future that often cause us distress. Mindfulness is about being aware and awake to the present moment, with a calm, curious and compassionate attitude which allows us live life to the full.


It has been shown to be an effective intervention for treating anxiety and mood problems. It has also been shown to improve working memory. 

However, mindfulness as a theory or idea is not effective, it is only as a practice that it can bring about personal change.  


Over the last few years the practice of Mindfulness has become more and more embedded in our culture. Mindfulness is offered to many school pupils in Scotland and across the UK, it is frequently a discussion topic on current affairs programmes and recently was part of the storyline in the successful TV show “Cold Feet”. 


Some comments from our clients…

“Within myself I feel more positive on my thoughts – outlooks on life.”


“Enjoyed this time of mindfulness. Got a lot from this in dealing with life’s stress.”

"I have learned to be more patient and relax more with the help of breathing exercises. Each week I have come away from each session with more ideas on how to be more aware of what is going on in my life and how to try varied way of relaxing and how to put in practice."

"Mindfulness has been helping me with my breathing through meditation, (different techniques) Mindfulness has also provided me with a great insight into managing and coping with chronic pain. It has helped me identify my feelings and provided great insight into accepting these and strategies to help me."


Mindfulness courses are therefore an introduction to the practice of being mindfully aware, our courses offer the opportunity to develop both a formal and an informal practice.