Mindfulness Resources

It has been shown to be an effective intervention for treating anxiety and mood problems. It has also been shown to improve working memory. 

However, mindfulness as a theory or idea is not effective, it is only as a practice that it can bring about personal change.  

Settling the Mind with Mindfulness@MindMosaic

Full BodyScan with Mindfulness@MindMosaic

Memories of Kindness with Mindfulness@MindMosaic

Settling, Grounding, Resting with Mindfulness@MindMosaic

A Mindful Walk

Walking today noticing the light shining on the road, through the tall trees and across the snowy fields, listening to the soft crunch of the snow as we walked and the soft silence of the forest as we paused.

Watching Hector enjoy every exciting new smelll and the bunting bob from reed to reed looking for a morsel. Then home, stamping the snow from my boots, grateful for warm soup and fresh bread. 

3 Minute Breath Meditation with Mindfulness@MindMosaic

Settling, Grounding, Resting

with Support of Breath


Walking Meditation with Mindfulness@MindMosaic

Loving Kindness of Other Practice

with Mindfulness@MindMosaic

Noticing the Undercurrent

with Mindfulness@MindMosaic

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