Lets Talk about Survivors

MindMosaic is funded by the Scottish Government via inspiring Scotland to provide services to *adult survivors of childhood abuse.

We are working to ensure that anyone affected by childhood abuse* receives the appropriate level of person centred, outcome based support that identifies what matters to survivors at a time that is right for them. The organisation is also striving to raise awareness and reduce stigma of childhood abuse. 

Further information available at www.survivorscotland.org.uk

Services available within the Survivor Service include

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- Face-to-Face counselling

- Dedicated Trauma Therapy​

- Therapeutic Support​

- PsychoEducational Groups​

- Mindfulness​

- Workshops for Families​

- Support groups for both men and women​

- Diversionary Activities

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*(Childhood abuse, defined by the scottish government may be physical, emotional, sexual or phsycological") - Scottish Government 2011